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Monday, 25 July 2011

Anchoring Dance Script Part -4

Start of performance – Song 15 (Jungle Koyal)

Wow ! incredible. I am speechless!!! The young dancers really held everyone!!!…Firework of rapid moving steps!!! I was watching them like this (host stare with widely open eyes)
If girls are moving successfully ahead then ….boys get that what do we call …ya ya male ego!!!!
So welcome our next joshila  goup …ekdam jakaazzzzz (in the style of anil kapoor)!!!!
Start of performance – Song 16 (Thok De Gilli)

Your have broken the stumps, the stage everything ….three cheers to all of them!!! todi naakhu ,fadi naakhu, bhukko kari naakhu !!!!
Here,an Assemblage of a very vibrantly talented ,experienced (short name of the firm) staff and performers creates a domain of magnetic dance power!! The range seems to become boundless!!
Girls, I am sorry but boys Rock (say loudly)
Tadap ke dekh kisi ki chaahat me
To pata chale intjaar kya hota hai,
Yun mil jaaye agar koi bina tadap ke,
To kaise pata chale pyaar kya hota hai?
Na Main Heer, Na Tu Hai Raanjha
Pyar Me Dard Magar Hai Sehna
Mil Jaoge Ranjha Ban Kar Mujhe Tum,
Har sapna sunaaye bas yahi dhun
Start of performance – Song 17 (Marjaanwa)

Aye khuda , na koi ho juda… I think it has touched every ones heart!!! Yeh ladkiyaan humesha dil ki dhadkane tej kar deti hai …by God!!!
They have given meaning to every word with their art. Truly justified the characteristics of a great dancer - Elegance,poise,strength ,gracefulness everything..Claps !!!
Children are so pure, so innocent. The Galaxy of stars is on earth itself …CONFUSED!!!...WATCH IT (without a telescope J)…

Start of performance – Song 18 (Goonja Sa Koi Ek Taara)

Weren’t our eyes enough…taare yahaan humaare paas hai aur hum khoj rahein hai aakash mein…
These children are complete even with the incompleteness!!!
 (short name of the firm) has helped underprivileged children to come out of their shell and blossom and thereby exhibiting their untapped talent to the world.
A salute to the (short name of the firm) from all of us…

There is an end to everything, but (short name of the firm) believes that there is never an end but always a beginning because the show must go on.so perfomance abhi baak hai mere yaar..
Our final performance of the evening culminating with  energetic,breath holding ,topsy turvy stunts driving you crazy & definitely making you feel the goose bumps on your hands !!
So are you ready!!! Let’s go for it!!!
Start of performance – Song 20 (Dum Dum)

End of performance – what a exuberant performance and what an evening this has been...the dance, the performances, the costume, the set and most importantly you -  the people who made this show posses life. Today we not only witnessed the greatest extravaganza but also we saw how dance can be divine.  We are very thankful that you supported (short name of the firm) and made this show such a huge hit. We firmly believe that you will support us with your overwhelming love the way you are doing, for the past  years and we promise to deliver you the best we have and that’s DANCE. Thank you once again all of you...Good night, sweet dreams, drive safe Shabbakhair




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      Thanks so much for publishing ...With lots of love and affection

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    Can you please help me with few songs, such as lungi dance, nagada sang dhol baje, marathi song kombadi palali and holiya me ude re gulal??

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    if you have any ending portion in hindi pls send me on my mail id..

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